The Year of Living Stevie: Ep 010 - Detroit R&B and Funk collective Nadir live Stevie!

Guitarist/vocalist/songwriter/producer Nadir Omowale and his band (Steve Caldwell, guitar; Phil Whitfield, keyboards; Chris Spooner, bass; Lauren Johnson, drums) talk about political activism through music, their deep well of experience in the industry, what made Nadir want to throw his bass at a drummer (not Lauren), and play two deep Stevie tracks, "That Girl" and "Let's Get Serious" (a hit for Jermaine Jackson, but written and produced by Stevie).

"Blue Lights" by Nadir; written by Nadir Omowale and Christopher Spooner

Recorded at NextWave Media Lab in Troy, MI (

interview engineered by Steve Caldwell; songs produced and engineered by Steve Caldwell and Nadir Omowale.