Anywhere But Here: Episode 256 - A Message

Ant is on his own this week due to a massive oversight on his part and as such he uses the opportunity to update you on some things such as; the Discord server he's set up, with some Patron-exclusive channels (link below) and just why he wasn't around for episode 255.

It's a short one so go and listen to one of the podcasts Tom recommended last week or Episode 256-and-a-bit.


Anywhere But Here: Episode 254 - Prorogation?

In this episode Ant and Tom have a catch up for the first time in a month, so there's loads to discuss. Topics on this episode include Spider-Man being taken away from and rejoining the Marvel Cinematic Universe, thoughts (and hopes) for the upcoming Joker film, Tom and Jo went to an escape room last night with Ande and his other half, Heather - they beat the room, but there was a casualty. Ant has continued his new hobby of bouldering.

Politics makes an (un)welcome return on this episode as it hasn't been covered for a long time. Ant and Tom explain exactly what's been going on in UK politics recently while trying not to get angry. A replacement for capitalism is put forward, but not agreed on (maybe you can do better?). The return of Spitting Image and the Mandela Effect close out the show.


Anywhere But Here: Episode 253 - Spoliercast: Avengers: Endgame


In this episode, we spoil Avengers: Endgame for you.

As it was recorded last April there may be some outdated references or theories that have been disproven in the meantime, but we still stand by everything we said.

We hope you have all seen the film by now, if you haven't and you care, I wouldn't listen to this episode.

If you have or you don't...


Anywhere But Here: Episode 252 - Scary Kids Scaring Kids

There's a low energy feel to this episode as both Ant and Tom were a bit tired after different kinds of weekends. Ant went to London to see Book Of Mormon and Tom's been playing music and getting accidentally drunk.

Ex-footballer Eric Cantona gave a truly baffling speech while picking up an award this week. A Nigerian banker sold a non-existent airport to an unsuspecting Brazilian businessman.

Tom gives a non-spoilery review of Once Upon A Time In Hollywood and Ant asks for advice on what horror films are appropriate for an 11-year old girl.

All this and much more.


Anywhere But Here: Episode 251 - Random Acts Of Weirdness

This is a positive-ish episode where Ant and Tom take on a grown up journalist taking a shot at 15-year-old climate protester, Greta Thurnberg. This lead on to a chat about the way in which both sides of the climate change issue are hurting their causes. In amongst this are topics like giving up long-haul holidays and cutting down on meat.

Also, poisonous Pacific sea worms are invading British waters, a person with a TV on their head has been leaving old TVs on people's doorsteps in Virginia and Blink-182 releasing a new album and Slipknot and Feeder being at the top on the UK album charts makes Ant and Tom feel like it's the later 90s all over again.


Anywhere But Here: Episode 250 - Cats Couldn't

This episode of the Anywhere But Here podcast contains over one minute of laughter from an in-joke that only about four people understand. Two of them are Ant and Tom and the others probably don't even listen! Sorry about that.

Around the mirth topics involve gun ownership and mental health after the latest mass shootings in America, music and festivals, methed-up gators and attack squirrels!

All this and much more, enjoy!

Anywhere But Here: Episode 249 - No Politics

On this episode, we only really cover three topics but in typical ABH-style it leads down many avenues. We talk about film news that has come out this week, such as THAT Cats trailer, we respond to an email sent in by listener and honorary #PodPal Robbie Polanco and Tom had a pretty busy Wednesday this last week. But no politics chat, amazingly!